Products & Services

We offer the following services :
    -   Motor Control Centres (MCC's)
    -   L.V.Switchboards
    -   HVAC Control Panels
    -   PLC Control Panels
    -   Instrument Panels
    -   I.S Control Panels
    -   EExd Control systems
    -   Small Starter Panels
    -   Pneumatic Control Panels
    -   On Site Re-assembly
    -   On Site Modifications
    -   Modifications and extensions to existing switchgear, instrumentation and PLC's

As a Eaton System Builders Taywest can offer TTA/PTTA assemblies, using a variety of Motor Control Centres, offering fixed or withdrawal compartments. These MCC's are designed to meet EN 60439-1: 1994 with documented evidence to back up all the relevant tests. With these assemblies we can offer 25KA for 1 second, 50KA for 1 second, 50KA for 3 seconds and 80KA for 1 second, with busbar systems from 600A to 4000A.

Taywest has also been accredited by Schneider Electric and can also offer the Prisma P, Prisma G arrangement of switchboards, with the Motor Control Centre option soon to be announced.